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Why the fresh approach?

You are flat-out building your proposition. You need to find the right strategic
support to convert the opportunity and make your return – and quickly.
You need the benefit of a one-stop shop to take away all the stress.
But you and your proposition are unique – so your solution should be unique as well.

We won’t give you this…

  • A one size fits all approach– one size can be a bad fit!
  • Key services contracted out to other suppliers – how do you know and trust who you are working with?
  • Promises you’ll be able to retire in luxury on the proceeds of an invention

Instead we’ll give you this…

  •  A bespoke, tailored offering centred around you
  • A carefully selected team of industry professionals in their own right – not invisible subcontractors
  • Powerful tools which will improve your odds in today’s tough global markets
  • Realistic appraisal of your prospects

At a Glance

  • Business consultancy – High-level boardroom experience
  • Access to funding – Including Growth Accelerator
  • Project management – Frees you to play to your strengths
  • Graphics and branding – Full service all sectors
  • All print services – Including waterless and EMAS accredited
  • Product design – From raw idea to retailer
  • CAD modelling and prototyping – Including 3D printing
  • Packaging and fulfilment – For instant impact on the marketplace
  • Photography and video – Not just decorate – communicate
  • Intellectual property and licensing – Lock in value & protect your investment
  • Internet consultancy, PR and marketing – Get into the heads of your customers
“Conceptualise - greater than the sum of its parts”